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Technology Immersion

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Group of students and teachers holding a banner with the Apple logo and the text Distinguished ProgramAt Howard Elementary School technology is an integral part of the curriculum in every class, and it shows: Howard has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for its technology immersion program, and boasts a one-to-one student/personal learning device (laptop or iPad) ratio.

Utilizing interactive whiteboards and mounted projectors in every classroom, teachers and students use websites and software that address student learning in reading and math, with carryover to all curricular areas.

Tools found in Howard classrooms include iPads, iPad minis, document cameras, ProScope digital microscopes, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, electronic drawing tablets, “clicker” student response systems, iPods, and AirLiner wireless tablets. These tools create an impressive digital toolbox for successful teachers and learners.

Howard on-site tech staff: a licensed Technology Learning Team and a Technology Support Specialist. Ongoing professional development help staff make the most of the technology resources at their disposal.