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Academic Resources



Eugene School District 4J has adopted LearnZillion as the district wide math curriculum. Please visit the 4J website Elementary Family and Community Math Resources to find out how to support your mathematician.  Particularly hepful is a handy document on how to “Help Your Child with Productive Struggle.



Howard Elementary School has purchased DreamBox Learning’s Math Program, an online, Intelligent Adaptive Learning program that helps all students achieve better, faster math proficiency. Your child can access DreamBox Learning from any computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the link below.

How to Log in – Go to DreamBox. DreamBox is an online program – there’s no software to download! All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and Adobe Flash. To access DreamBox on iPad, go to, or search for “DreamBox Math” in the App Store. Download DreamBox Math Green and DreamBox Math Blue to ensure your student has access to the full catalog of DreamBox Learning Math lessons. When prompted in the app, use this School Code: q22w/nu8g

See the linked DreamBox Parent Letter for more details.

Xtra Math

Xtra Math is a very simple fact fluency practice site where students can practice daily their facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They start with a placement quiz to see which facts they already know, then go through a practice period, then race the teacher to build fluency. When they fully master one topic, they move on to the next. The website is free to sign into, but the app is $5.
How to Log in – Go to Xtra Math Cick on “students” and enter the email address of your child’s teacher (see the Staff Directory for teacher email addresses). Then enter your child’s first name and PIN number. It will take them straight to the lesson. Practice daily!


IXL is a subscription that Howard students have used for a long time. Students can practice any math skill from PreK-8th grade. Even when students finish one of the skills, they can always continue to work on them for as many times as they want. This app/website is not adaptive for students, and they are able to work on any skill at any grade level. You can supplement this app with the other math apps to reinforce skills.
How to Log in – Go to IXL Students will enter their username and password. Choose from the specific grade level, then the skill you want your child to practice.

Other Math Resources

The Eugene School District 4J Mathematics website offers parent resources by grade level, information on Common Core State Standards, and how families can suport the “SHIFTS” of how we teach and learn math.

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) has produced a document designed to help parents foster success in mathematics for their child. The document shares with parents what’s new in the world of mathematics, how math is different in today’s classroom, and the types of mathematical concepts children will be learning. It also offers ideas for how families can help their child succeed in, and enjoy, mathematics. It even provides suggestions for “doing math together” in everyday situations. Finally, the document includes a copy of the NCTM Standards and Expectations for parents to review.

Please find A Family’s Guide: Fostering Your Child’s Success in School Mathematics

Another resource, published by The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is Families Ask. This publication answers commonly asked questions regarding math and math instruction. While this particular publication spotlights math during the middle school years, we believe families will find the information helpful. As we obtain additional issues of Families Ask, we will continue to post them for your reference.



Epic is a free reading site for teachers to use and set up. It has a big library of popular books that students can read or listen to. It keeps track of the books that students read along with the number of minutes it took for them to read the book. You can preset specific types of books that your child is interested in so this is all that they see.
How to Log in – Go to Epic. Either follow the directions on how to sign in from the parent form, or sign up for a summer access to the entire site for only $1 for the entire summer!! You can either sign in online or download their app on any tablet or device.


With Raz-Kids, students can access different levels of books in both fiction and non-fiction titles. The books can either be read to them or they can read them. Each story comes with comprehension questions as well. Having your children read 1-2 stories each day and complete the comprehension questions is a great way to practice reading skills!

How to Log in – Go to Raz-Kids Put in the teacher email username (see the Staff Directory for teacher email addresses). Students will then find their name on their classroom roster and enter their passwords to log in. Once they log in, they can go to their “bookroom” and choose the book they want to read. There is also a free Raz-Kids app for phones and tablets.

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program (Free Books for Kids!):

Students can get a free books this summer through Barnes & Noble’s Summer Reading Program. Kids only have to fill out a Reading Journal (available in both Spanish and English) of what they read and who they would recommend that book to, and then they can redeem their completed journal for one of the free books listed in the journal.

Summer Digital Reading for Middle and High School Students:

TumbleBooks Cloud (Online Digital Books) is FREE for all your students to use this summer (over 1,000 titles).  Tell your students to go to the following link and enter the login and password in order to access the books. They have fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels,  drama and poetry, videos, and audiobooks.

Login: summer231
Password: login

Eugene Public Library

On this page of the Eugene Public Library’s website is the Kid’s Booklist. It is a list of recommended reading material for children sorted in a variety of ways. Here, there are books the primary student can easily read as well as award winning books for readers at all elementary skill levels.