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Title I

Howard School, Family, Student Compact

What is Title I?

Title I is a federal program that provides additional funding to schools for academic support. Generally, Title I programs offer:

  • Additional teachers and assistants.
  • Additional training for school staff.
  • Extra time for instruction.
  • A variety of teaching methods and materials.

These valuable funds are dependent on help from our families. Title I funds are distributed to schools based on the percentage of students enrolled in the Free and Reduced-Price Meals Program. Please take time to apply for the Free and Reduced-Price Meals program. Not only can this federal program assist with the cost of school meals, it greatly assists our school with additional support for instruction. Even if your family qualifies for the program you can choose not to participate yet will still help our school maintain our Title I status.   How does Title I funding help Howard? Howard Elementary is a school-wide Title I program so every student can benefit from Title I funding and services. With Howard’s Title I funds we are able to provide the following:

  • Support for our students in the areas of reading and math.
  • A certified, full-time Title I coordinator/teacher.
  • Four Title I instructional assistants to support reading and math instruction.
  • Technology to support extended learning.
  • A longer kinder day (an additional 90 minutes).
  • Parent involvement activities, including curriculum night, math night, and literacy night.

Title 1 Coordinator: Corianne Rice Heinke (541) 790-4908;