Back to School

2016-2017 Back-to-School Year Information

Below is information about how the pick-up and drop-off will work in our new parking lot, as well as the plan for how the first day of school will work, some key dates to put on your calendar, and also links to all our back-to-school information that was emailed out to families.



New Building Student Pick-Up/Drop-Off

We wanted to let families know now how student pick-up and drop-off will work in the new building. There will be three main areas for pick-up and drop-off; a pause parking loop, a parking lot, and a bus turnaround.


Pausing Parking Loop

This is the best new feature of our parking lot area. In the mornings, students may be dropped off along the sidewalk that encircles our parking lot. At the end of the day, drivers can pause park along the curb to pick up their student(s) when they come out at dismissal. Please note the following rules for pause parking:

  • Drivers must remain in their cars at all times.
  • Drivers should pull forward as space becomes available.
  • Drivers should NOT stop in marked crosswalk areas.
  • When getting in or out of a car, students must use the door on the sidewalk side. Students should never get in or out of a car on the driver’s side. It’s unsafe for the student and it slows traffic.

Drivers must remember to ALWAYS yield at the painted crosswalks and sidewalks.


Parking Lot

The parking lot will be for families who want to walk their students into the building during arrival or who wish to meet their students at the main entrance at the end of the day at dismissal. Please note the following rules for the parking lot are:

  • ONLY cross the driveway area using the crosswalk. Students and families should never cut across the driveway.
  • Before using the crosswalk, students must stop and look for cars.

Bus Turnaround

The bus turnaround is for buses only. Drivers should at no time enter the bus turnaround area.

Thank you for your cooperation making pick-up and drop-off safe for students and families!


First Day of School

To give Howard Families a preview of how the first day of school will look next fall, here is our plan:

  • Doors will open at 7:25 AM
  • Classroom teachers will meet students in the gym (KG – 3rd) and in the courtyard by the cafeteria (4th & 5th). Teachers will have signs to help students find their teacher.
  • The cafeteria will have grab-and-go breakfasts for students before they meet their teacher.
  • Extra staff will be on-hand, including additional Spanish speaking staff, to help guide students and families.
  • The first bell will ring at 7:50. Mr. Chinn will make a brief announcement and classes will be dismissed to go to their classrooms.
  • Non-classroom staff will be assigned areas around the building to help guide anyone arriving late.
  • DISMISSAL NOTE – Kindergartners and 1st graders being picked up by families need to be picked up in person and not from the pause parking area. KG and 1st graders will not be sent to cars on their own.



Key Dates

  • Tuesday, Aug. 23 – Office Opens
  • Friday, Sept. 2, 12:00 – Class Lists Posted
  • Tuesday, Sept. 6, 1:00-2:00 – Meet Your Teacher
  • Wednesday, Sept. 7, 7:50 – First Day of School




Below are downloads of files for Back to School 2016-17:



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